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behind the scenes at Vectis

Why Vectis?

“With a big enough lever, you can move the world.” 

My Grandfather — Walter Ball — was a consummate entrepreneur who invented one of the first Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems.

He frequently reminded his grandchildren that leverage was what made dreams come true. 

“Vectis” is Latin for “Lever”. 

 In 2013, Quinton Hamp became a self-employed freelancer and blogger.

After beating out sites like Amazon and Walgreens for top keywords in Google with his own sites, he started working for a large east-coast agency, doing the same for their clients.

Today, he runs his dedicated virtual marketing team out of Springfield, Missouri. 

Our Motto

  • We will each set aside time each week to improve ourselves.
  • We will own every campaign as if it was our own business.
  • We will bring proven solutions to the table.
  • We will always be researching the latest marketing technologies and methods.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Making Marketing Easy

There are three problems in the industry 

  1. Marketing Campaigns that don’t work
  2. Marketing companies who ghost their clients
  3. Marketing companies who only respond when clients micromanage them.

By taking ownership in each of these three areas, we are able to deliver consistent results in a push-button process. 

Our Why

Marketing Campaigns That Generate Financial Freedom

Every time our clients hire more employees, or invest their earnings into generational assets, we know that our work is making a lasting impact. 


We have a proven system. We adapt the system to each client and then deliver results. 


Our clients are too busy to handle every aspect of their marketing. We must expect them to overlook important things. It is our job to dig deep, think diligently, innovate and deliver. We should be taking walks, just to contemplate our client’s campaigns. 


Our clients are investing an important percentage of their marketing budget with us. We must provide clarity on what our strategy is and back that with deliverables. 


Most marketing companies have poor communication. Communication is almost as important as the marketing, and the scheduled client conversations reflect that. 

Our Leadership

The Faces Behind our Success

Quinton Hamp

Director Of Marketing

Jonnah Pursselley

Project Manager

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